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We provide Data warehousing solutions for your needs on AWS Redshift

We help you Seamlessly orchestrate and centralize your data, unlocking its full potential for strategic insights and actionable intelligence. Our expert team specializes in tailoring Redshift's capabilities to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that your data is not only stored securely but also becomes a catalyst for informed decision-making and future growth.
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Powerful ETL Processes

Powerful ETL Processes for your data

Amazon Redshift handles ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes through its optimized architecture and a combination of features that enable efficient and scalable data transformation and integration.
  • Columnar Storage: Unlike traditional relational databases, Redshift stores data in columns rather than rows.
  • Transformations: Redshift supports complex data transformations through SQL functions and expressions. It allows you to manipulate, aggregate, and reshape data directly within the database.
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP): Redshift distributes and processes data across multiple nodes in a cluster, allowing it to parallelize and accelerate query execution.
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S3 Empowers Data Excellence

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) synergizes seamlessly with our comprehensive Data Warehousing solution, enhancing every facet of data management and insights extraction. It enhances the capabilities of our Data Warehousing solution by seamlessly providing a robust and scalable foundation for data storage, integration, and accessibility.
Together (with Redshift), they empower you to extract transformative insights and drive strategic decision-making, propelling your organization's growth and success. We use S3 with Redshift to form a data warehousing infrastructure that empowers our solutions for your business needs.
Data Loading
Amazon Redshift provides multiple ways to load data into the system from various sources.
Redshift supports complex data transformations through SQL functions and expressions
Redshift's ability to scale compute and storage independently allows you to handle growing ETL workloads efficiently.
Distribution and Sorting
Redshift's data distribution and sorting keys optimize query performance.
ETL Tools and Services Integration
redshift seamlessly integrates with ETL tools like Amazon Glue, making it easier to design, schedule, and manage ETL pipelines.
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How we have done it for Peckwater Brands

Peckwater Brands is a virtual food brand operator that helps existing kitchen operators in the UK, Europe, and the US to make more money from food delivery. They do this by creating and managing virtual restaurant brands that Transformers to transform data into suitable formats can be operated from existing kitchens. Peckwater Brands provides all the branding, marketing, and logistics support so that the kitchen operators can focus on cooking and delivering food. It has a portfolio of over 20 virtual restaurant brands. We help them through this journey to improve their performance by:

Lambda functions to scrap and gather data from various source
Transformers to transform data into suitable formats
Monitoring Dashboard to monitor and assess the quality of processes
Analytical Dashboards to help understands the behaviours and make decisions
Scrapes per month to gather information from various Food services

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