Elevate Your Restaurant Experience: Introducing the Next-Gen POS App Solution

Transforming your restaurant operations and enhancing guest satisfaction through our cutting-edge SUNMI POS app
Supper Restaurant Operations

A comprehensive and dedicated app to cover all your restaurant operations

Experience a new level of restaurant management efficiency with our dedicated app, meticulously crafted to oversee every facet of your operations, seamlessly integrated with the SUNMI POS device. From order optimization to inventory control and staff management, our solution empowers you to run your restaurant effortlessly, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional dining experience.
Elevate your business potential today with the synergy of our comprehensive app and the cutting-edge SUNMI POS device.
Custom Receipt Design

Custom receipt, label design and printing

Our innovative solution, seamlessly integrated with SUNMI devices, grants you the freedom to craft a receipt design that resonates with your brand identity. Whether your device is in the heart of your establishment or accompanying your deliveries, you have the power to print personalized receipts that leave a lasting impression.
Additionally, harness the flexibility of our platform to create custom label designs tailored for your delivery items, ensuring not only accuracy but also a professional touch that extends to every customer's doorstep.
POS Devices Potentials

A lot of potential in your fingerprint

There is more than just an app we can provide you. Current POS devices in the market, specially SUNMI ones, have a lot of additional capabilities that bring you a lot of potential to manage your business with ease and bring customer satisfaction, such as:
Camera, barcode scanner, NFC, ... Integration with many third-party hardware through USB, I2C, and UART interfaces.
Supper London Logo

How we have done it for SUPPER

Supper London is an English company that provides its users with an efficient and convenient service that allows them to order Meals from its Partner Restaurants' menus and market and deliver Meals to its users on behalf of its Partner Restaurants. Customers can choose 300+ restaurants in the Supper system for orders.

Restaurant App
We developed a custom app for SUPPER to allow each restaurant to handle its open operation in the SUPPER system.
Receipts design
SUPPER has its own design of receipts for orders implemented for SUNMI POS devices.

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