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Cleverly is a modern CAFM-CMMS tool that goes beyond traditional property management. It prioritizes Event-Driven operations and excels in Asset Management, effortlessly integrating IOT technologies for increased efficiency. Its sturdy features also cover comprehensive Data-Reporting and Real-Time insights, making it a complete solution for smooth facility management.

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Facilities management software to streamline operations and save costs

DryKiss and Cleverly have partnered to revolutionize property management with advanced CAFM-CMMS technology. Our collaboration brings cutting-edge features to optimize maintenance workflows and create a smooth user experience. We are transforming how businesses maintain their spaces with efficiency and effectiveness in all areas.
Cleverly Facilities Management

Event-Driven approach to requests

Our Event Driven approach ensures that maintenance tasks are initiated precisely when needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. Furthermore, the integration between the events system and the communication system provides a means to be notified of events through different channels, chat about them and even apply actions via the messaging system.
Asset Management

Advanced Asset Management

Our integrated Asset Management system empowers Cleverly to seamlessly combines the intricate elements of asset tracking, maintenance history, and performance analytics, empowering you with a robust toolkit to optimize your asset lifecycle management. The main features include:
  • Holistic Asset Tracking
  • Complex and comprehensive assets management
  • Seamless Integration, Elevated Efficiency
IoT Integrations

IoT Integrations:

In a world where connectivity reigns supreme, the IoT emerges as your beacon of transformative change. It's not just about devices; it's about empowerment. It's about turning your facility into an intelligent, responsive entity that anticipates needs and drives performance.
Leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect and control devices, optimizing maintenance schedules and enhancing overall facility performance.
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Technology Stack & Tools

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Finance Management Module

A powerful finance management module

Our powerful financial module provides Cleverly with the ability to manage all sorts of financial needs for CAFM systems. It includes:
  • Various types of invoices and quotations
  • Various types of payments
  • Financial Reports and many more
Data-Driven Reporting

Data-Driven Reporting:

In the dynamic landscape of facility management, the ability to harness data for actionable insights is paramount. Our cutting-edge solution empowers Cleverly to delve into your facility's performance like never before, thanks to a suite of comprehensive data-driven reports. They result in:
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Strategize Future Maintenance
  • Elevate Performance
Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication

Cleverly's real-time communication platform enables instant collaboration between stakeholders, ensuring quick issue resolution and seamless task management. This includes:
  • The range of functions available
  • The effect of different scenarios on the display
  • The relative priorities of the information

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