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Use many web frameworks for building many platforms

Leveraging Capacitor for hybrid mobile app development allows you to harness the power of numerous web frameworks to build seamlessly across multiple platforms. This versatile approach not only maximizes code reusability but also minimizes development efforts, saving time and resources. By utilizing Capacitor's adaptable foundation, you can efficiently create a consistent, high-performance app experience across diverse platforms while optimizing development efforts.
Support React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, Tailwind, ... Build for iOS, Android, PWA, Electron, ...
cross-platform and PWA Apps

Fast Development, Less Costly

Developing hybrid mobile apps with the Capacitor framework offers a fast and efficient development process, accelerating time-to-market and reducing development cycles. By seamlessly sharing code across platforms, it significantly lowers costs compared to separate native app development.
Embracing Capacitor empowers businesses to deliver high-quality, feature-rich apps quickly and cost-effectively, making it an ideal choice for those seeking rapid yet budget-conscious mobile app solutions.
The same technology and base code can be used for developing apps on other platforms such as Web, Desktop, etc.
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How we have done it for SUPPER

Supper London is an English company to provide its users with an efficient and convenient service that allows them to order Meals from its Partner Restaurants' menus and to market and deliver Meals to its users on behalf of its Partner Restaurants. There are 300+ restaurants

3 apps for 2 platforms
Restaurants, Customer, and Driver apps on both iOS and Android
All share one
The base code for developing both Web and mobile apps is the same
Capacitor + React
Our solution for SUPPER was the combination of React as core and capacitor for Hybrid

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