Unlocking the Power of Data: Your All-in-one Data Solution

We transform your business with actionable insights and seamless data management

Empowering Your Business through integrating data and gaining insight

We provide comprehensive managing solutions and analyze data effectively within your organization and business. By leveraging such a solution, you can make informed decisions, optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in today's data-driven landscape.
Data Integration
Data Integration and Consolidation
Data Cleansing
Data Cleansing and Transformation
Advanced Analytics and Insights
Scalability and Performance
Data Security
Data Security and Privacy
Real-time Data Processing
Real-time Data Processing
Data Protection
Data Governance and Compliance
Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing
Data Integration Service

Simplify Data Gathering and Integration

We offer comprehensive solutions for managing your data from different sources, including data gathering, cleansing, transforming and integrating through various functionalities.
  • Gather and import data through scrapping, fetching, ...
  • Cleanse and Transform your data to suitable formats
  • Integrate and manage your data into single data warehouses
Data Analytics Services

Make your data into insight by dashboards and AI powered solutions

We help you create rich dashboards to monitor and analyze the data and use AI and ML-powered solutions to improve your customer experience and your business performance.
  • BI powered solutions to better understand your data
  • Create executive, real-time and interactive dashboards
  • AI and ML-based solutions to grow your business
Peckwater Brand Logo

How we have done it for Peckwater Brands

Peckwater Brands is a virtual food brand operator that helps existing kitchen operators in the UK, Europe, and the US to make more money from food delivery. They do this by creating and managing virtual restaurant brands that can be operated from existing kitchens. Peckwater Brands provides all the branding, marketing, and logistics support so that the kitchen operators can focus on cooking and delivering food. It has a portfolio of over 20 virtual restaurant brands. We help them through this journey to improve their performance by:

Lambda functions to scrap and gather data from various source
Transformers to transform data into suitable formats
Monitoring Dashboard to monitor and assess the quality of processes
Analytical Dashboards to help understands the behaviors and make decisions
Scrapes per month to gather information from various Food services
We are here to help
You have a vast amount of data and need to manage them with ease and get insight.
DryKISS Cloud integration services

Data solutions on your platform of choice

We provide your data solutions on your platform of choice ranging from various services and tools, including Amazon Services, Azur Services, Metabase, PowerBI etc.
  • AWS including Redshift, Lambda, Quicksight and ...
  • Azure including SQL Server, Pureview, ML Services and ....
  • Metabase, PowerBI, and many more
DryKISS Custom Solutions

Get your custom solutions for your business

No matter what your business is or how much data you are dealing with every day, we can provide you with a custom solution that is tailored to your needs:
  • We work with you to define your needs
  • We design and develop a cross platform solutions based on your needs
  • We deploy the solutions and assist you on using them
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