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In today's digital world, customers are increasingly using mobile devices to access information and make purchases. If you want to reach your customers where they are, you need to have a mobile presence.
Our mobile solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We can help you create a mobile app that is user-friendly and engaging, or we can help you optimize your website for mobile devices. We also offer a wide range of other mobile solutions, such as mobile marketing, mobile payments, and mobile customer support.
Custom Mobile App Development
UX Design
User Experience (UX) Design
Cross Platform Compatibility
Cross-Platform Compatibility
App Maintenance and Support
App Maintenance and Support
A-B Testing
Quality Assurance and Testing
Software Integration
Integration and Backend Development
Analytics and Tracking
Analytics and Performance Tracking
Data Protection
Security and Data Protection
Custom Mobile App Development

Develop custom solutions, tailored to your needs

While having a mobile solution for your business is a must-have, more important is a solution that fits your needs and resolves your issues effectively. We accompany you through the development journey to make sure that we create the best solution tailored to your needs:
  • We work with you to understand your needs and shape the solution's foundation.
  • Design a solution that is user-friendly and based on the latest design trends and develop it in an agile manner
  • Test and evaluate the solution to ensure it is perfect for your needs.
Software Technologies

Various technologies and expertise

With expertise in many technologies and tools, we provide you with solutions that combine the most suitable ones for your problems and needs. These technologies include but are not limited to:
  • React Native, Kotlin, Swift, Cordova, Xamarin, Flutter, ...
  • AWS, Azure, Metabase, ...
  • Node.JS, Go, Python, PHP, Java, ...
Cross Platform and PWA Apps

Native, Cross-platform, and PWA solutions

Depending on your needs, we offer various approaches. After understanding the nature of your problem, we suggest the best hybrid mobile app solutions to benefit from a user-friendly, versatile, and cost-effective app ecosystem. We offer our solutions in the forms of the following:
  • Android and iOS native Apps
  • React Native, Capacitor etc.
  • PWA apps
Supper London Logo

How we have done it for SUPPER

Supper London is an English company to provides its users with an efficient and convenient service that allows them to order Meals from its Partner Restaurants' menus and to market and deliver Meals to its users on behalf of its Partner Restaurants. There are 300+ restaurants

Restaurants using the mobile app to manage their restaurants
Users have downloaded and used the app to order foods
Menu items are available in the app and the website to be ordered
Supper London Banner

See how our mobile solution is used in the food industry

As part of a more extensive and complete solution in the food industry, we have developed a series of mobile apps aligned with other SUPPER services to let them run their business. Our solution covers the following:
  • An app for managing a restaurant's ongoing processes
  • An app for customers to order food online
  • Analytical dashboards on how people use the services
We are here to help
Are you looking for a solution to allow your users to interact with you on the go and everywhere?
Cross Platform Software

Cover all aspects of your business

If a mobile app is part of your customer experience channel, we can provide you with other pieces of the puzzle so that you have a complete solution to run your business and satisfy your customers. Our mobile solution can be expanded by:
  • Web application development
  • Custom APIs Development
  • Integration with other services
Users Analytics

The analytics behind users' behaviour

Knowing how your users are utilizing your services and applications will help you to provide them with our solutions and a better user experience. We offer you various mechanisms to get insights from users, including:
  • Integration with various user analytical services such as Firebase and Google Analytics
  • Native user data from users’ behaviour such as log data
  • The relative priorities of the information
Digital Business Solutions

A total solution for making your business digital

We can provide other services as a companion to our mobile solution so that you focus on your business and have no worries about the rest. We deliver:
  • Requirement Elicitation and Business Analysis
  • UX Design, BI, Data Engineering, Quality Assurance, ...
  • Digital marketing including SEO, Social media, ...
Cleverly Logo

How we have done it for Cleverly

Cleverly is a facilities management software that helps you streamline operations & save costs owned by Homyze. To help its customers and users have more productivity, more flexibility and enhance collaborations with various parties, Cleverly uses mobile solutions

Issue reports per month for various customers and suppliers
Images of finished works are uploaded per month from suppliers
Suppliers use cleverly to offer services to customers
Cleverly Service

See how we add value to Cleverly with our mobile solution

We developed a mobile solution for Cleverly to help manage requests by customers and suppliers throughout an FM solution.
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