Harvesting Data from Every Corner

Effortless and Seamless Aggregation of Multi-Source Data Scraping for Informed Insights and Strategic Excellence
Data Management Service
Reliable Data Scrapping

Fast and reliable data scrapping from various data sources

Efficiently acquire accurate and dependable data through our rapid and reliable data scraping services, encompassing a diverse array of data sources. Our cutting-edge technology ensures swift extraction, enabling you to harness valuable information from multiple channels, empowering your decision-making process, and driving actionable insights.
Data Integration Service

Integrate your data into one warehouse

Effortlessly unify your scattered data by seamlessly integrating it into a centralized warehouse. Imagine transformers in this context as powerful orchestrators, adept at harmonizing diverse data streams from various cloud and data solutions such as AWS, Azure, etc.
Our comprehensive solution leverages these transformers to not only bridge the gap between different sources but also to catalyze a cohesive data ecosystem. This empowers your organization to efficiently analyze, visualize, and extract meaningful insights, ultimately driving better-informed decisions and maximizing the potential of your data-driven strategy.
Peckwater Brand Logo

How we have done it for Peckwater Brands

Peckwater Brands is a virtual food brand operator that helps existing kitchen operators in the UK, Europe, and the US to make more money from food delivery. They do this by creating and managing virtual restaurant brands that can be operated from existing kitchens. Peckwater Brands provides all the branding, marketing, and logistics support so that the kitchen operators can focus on cooking and delivering food. It has a portfolio of over 20 virtual restaurant brands. We help them through this journey to improve their performance by:

Different sources of data to be scrapped such as UberEats, and Deliverect, ...
Lambda functions to scrap and gather data from various source
Transformers to transform data into suitable formats

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