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SUPPER London is a dynamic English company dedicated to providing users with a seamless and convenient culinary experience. With an impressive array of over 300 partner restaurants at your fingertips. SUPPER London's mission is profound: to bridge the gap between users and their cherished cuisines while supporting partner restaurants in marketing and delivering their exquisite dishes.

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Data Warehouse and Insight

DryKISS joined with SUPPER London, igniting a journey towards operational excellence and strategic prowess. Leveraging our technical expertise, we embarked on a transformative mission to optimize Supper London's performance and empower them to make informed decisions.
Supper Order Tracking Dashboard

Order Tracking and Management via Admin Panel

We introduced an intuitive admin panel for efficient order tracking and management, elevating the entire user experience.
  • It enhances user experience by ensuring orders are processed smoothly and efficiently.
  • It provides real-time insights into the status of orders, allowing for proactive problem-solving.
  • It streamlines communication between users, drivers, and restaurants, leading to quicker deliveries and fewer errors.
POS Systems


We developed a customized app for SUPPER on SUNMI V2 POS devices that allow restaurants to manage orders received from customers as well as restaurant operations and menu with ease:
  • Queuing management, ordering, online order taking, checkout or loyalty management
  • Designed custom receipt printing
  • Includes capabilities for restaurant management
Analytics and Insights

Comprehensive Analytical Reports

We provide SUPPR London with vast amounts of reports and dashboards for helping management, marketing and operation teams get good insights into how the business is running and how things are going. The reports and dashboards cover:
  • Restaurants and order numbers, drivers and deliveries, sales and promotions, etc.
  • Predictions and projections of business growth
  • A ton of other monitoring, managerial and sales dashboards and reports.
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Technology Stack & Tools

We employ a variety of cutting-edge technologies and tools in the development of the SUPPER London solution, and below, we showcase a selection of these innovative resources.
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Food Business Solution

A total web and mobile solution

We have developed a complete solution covering all aspects of restaurant business management, including establishing, ordering, tracking, delivery, etc.
  • A Website for customers to order and an admin panel for managing operational tasks
  • Several mobile applications for customers, restaurants and drivers
  • A Dedicated SUNMI POS app for managing orders and operations
  • BI system for analytics and getting insights
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Service Integrations

Various Service Integrations

In our efforts to elevate the meal delivery experience for our valued customers, we embarked on an integration journey that has significantly transformed our operations.
We successfully integrated SUPPER London's innovative solution with a range of key services, including Daktela, WIW (When I Work), and Onfleet, seamlessly weaving them into our existing infrastructure. This strategic synergy has ushered in a new era of efficiency and convenience, benefiting both our team and our customers.

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