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PeckWater Brands is an innovative virtual food brand operator that empowers kitchen operators across the UK, Europe, and the US to maximize their revenue from food delivery services. Their unique approach involves creating and managing virtual restaurant brands that operate within existing kitchens. By handling all aspects of branding, marketing, and logistics, Peckwater Brands enables kitchen operators to concentrate solely on preparing and delivering exceptional cuisine.

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Data Warehouse and Insight

At DryKiss, we partnered with Peckwater Brands to enhance their operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. Leveraging our technical expertise, we embarked on a journey to optimize their performance and empower them to make informed choices.
Data Integration Service

Data Integration and Consolidation

We streamlined data from diverse sources, transforming it into actionable insights that drive better business outcomes. We also developed and deployed over 100 Lambda functions that efficiently gather and scrape data from various sources, ensuring accurate and relevant information availability.
Data Transformation Service

Data Transformation with Transformers

In the symphony of data, our team's orchestration of over 30 Transformers is a symposium of transformation. From the chaos of raw data emerges a harmonious melody of integration and analysis. With this transformative ensemble at your side, you venture beyond the ordinary, tapping into the extraordinary potential that data holds
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Technology Stack & Tools

In today's digital world, customers are increasingly using mobile devices to access information and make purchases. If you want to reach your customers where they are, you need to have a mobile presence.
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Data Analytics Services

Advanced Monitoring, Analytics and Insights

We designed a comprehensive Monitoring Dashboard with more than 120 monitoring points to assess process quality, ensuring continuous improvement. In addition to that, with over 10 million scrapes per month from various food services, our Analytical Dashboards provided Peckwater Brands with actionable insights to understand behaviors and drive effective decision-making.
Data Management Service

Data Management

Our collaboration extended beyond traditional boundaries to encompass a holistic data solution that propels Peckwater Brands' growth. By integrating data and harnessing its power, we helped them achieve the following:
  • Data Integration and Consolidation
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Real-time Data Processing

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