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Modern applications are not just about a distinctive design or utilising cutting edge technologies. They are user centric, analytic based, growth machines. At DryKISS we encourage a research based project cycle, to meet these ever changing UX needs.


At DryKISS we want to learn about your user, business and the reasons behind embarking on this new project. We can create personas, storyboards and initial prototypes to help guide these critical early decisions.


DryKISS will draft a user centric development approach which can include technology reasoning; product backlog; continuous integration plan; definition of done and sprint milestones. Social integration, SEO and marketing guidance. All through the lens of your deadlines and budget.


Our crafting is all about rapid feature completion. We want the user to test a story as quickly as possible. Building from a pattern library, is what we call Atomic Development. CodeBlender accelerates this process with pre-defined common patterns that can be styled and deployed.

Our work process is based on DRY and KISS principles.

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We pride ourselves on offering a full-service, economic and future technology approach.
User Experience

We help brands create valuable experiences across digital channels by focusing on the habits and needs of their audience.


Focused creativity is the engine for all we do. Our cross-platform, and specifically mobile experience makes our approach always flexible, responsive and dynamic.


By using the best and latest frameworks we are not re-inventing the wheel, but delivering projects based on known processes. This enables us to deliver cutting edge code quickly and within budget.

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DryKISS is a full service internet and mobile digital production house.

Our core services span consulting, strategy; planning; development; testing and analytics. Using cutting edge technologies within disciplined processes.

What We Do

DryKISS develops hybrid mobile apps (iOS & Android); responsive internet sites; administration systems and social applications.

Using our platform we tune for SEO, accessibility and conversion at the very start.


We are experts in creating social media apps and pages.


If you have a brief, and want to discuss how we would approach it.

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