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What we did


  • Started : May 2016



  • Hybrid mobile development
  • Offline capabilities
  • Responsive development
  • Deployment
  • Analytics

Project Duration

  • 3 Months


  • Deployed new hybrid apps to iOS and Android
  • Engagement rising on both apps


  • Ian Warner - Technical lead


  • AngularJS
  • Grunt
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • SASS


DryKISS made contact with Circus Street through the YunoJuno platform.

They were in quite a desperate need for some rapid development and decisions on the direction of their Hybrid project.

They had already built a native iPad application previously, but wanted to use the Cordova technology to enable a cross platform, multi-device experience.

Business understanding

After the initial meetings, and understanding of the tight deadlines. We wrote a detailed report on all the possible user states, edge cases and a possible direction.

Previously the application was being built in a bespoke manner, but we identified very quickly that the main web application was built in AngularJS and could be wrapped with Cordova to form the basis of the mobile application also.

The main core of work resolved around allowing user to watch videos in an offline state. However this introduced a huge amount of state changes that needed to be overcome.

If this worked then Circus Street would have :

  • One UI / UX to focus on but with added considerations on orientation.
  • One repository of code, means issues are fixed across all medium.
  • Potential to make the web application an offline entity.


To deliver a new Hybrid mobile phone application on Itunes and Google Play stores within 7 weeks.


The current web application was built in AngularJS, with a PHP API back-end. These technologies more than suit a Hybrid application.