Prince of Persia

What we did





  • Developed in PHP and Javascript
  • Localised over 7 countries on individual Facebook pages
  • Deployed on Facebook platform
  • Social and Viral actions enhanced

Project Duration

  • 1 month development


  • Marketed in locations as the film showed in the theatre
  • Delivered on time


  • Ian Warner - Developer
  • Mikael Gotlib - PM
  • Threeya Thirunathan - PM


Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time, is a blockbuster movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Disney wanted to use Facebook to market the film in various locations. UK, Italy, Germany etc.

It was decided to create a page for each country so the content could be internationalied and localised for each.

This proved exceptionally problematic in terms of getting sign off for each change required from one country to another, but we managed to deliver all pages on time.

Facebook at this time also had issues in terms of testing whole pages. So extra effort was needed to set this all up.