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Deliveroo Rebrand


DryKISS was contacted by a former colleague; now Head of Content at Deliveroo, to help achieve some significant blog edits. These edits were forming part of the new Deliveroo brand launch on Sunday 4th September 2016.

The blog actually consisted of a Wordpress MulitSite holding seven international blogs. Each one would have to be tested and edited.

It just happened we were contacted just three days earlier...

Business understanding

The discovery phase for the work required had to be undertaken over Skype due to the tight deadline. DryKISS set up our usual scrum Trello board and placed all the features and work packages that needed to be delivered.

We then liaised through Trello to achieve a slick communication between DryKISS, internal designer and the Content manager.

Pain points

Blog had to be deployed through another third party company

Getting setup on the development system was unknown

Wordpress setup was unknown


The overriding goal was to complete the brand re-design of all the pages of the blog before a newsletter to 2 million users was distributed.

This meant working incredibly fast to make the changes to facilitate a suitable sign off.


The Wordpress theme and internal mechanics were understood quickly. So it was then just a matter of pushing through the CSS changes, checking against cross-browser compatibility, responsive look and feel and new font inclusion.

DrKISS complete the changes mid-day on the Sunday, to allow a full spectrum text by the client. Everything was deployed at midnight with just some minor changes to the caching mechanism to set it live.

Deliveroo Rebrand

  • Wordpress theme edits
  • Wordpress plug-in edits
  • Responsive development
  • Deployment</ListItem>
  • Ian Warner - Technical Lead
Project Duration
  • 3 days development
  • Delivered edits on time
  • Deployed at midnight

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